Radon is a natural radioactive gas.  You can’t see, smell, or taste it, but breathing in too much radon can cause lung cancer and other harmful side effects.  Radon gas is found in all over the United States, and can get into any type of building.  Since you and your family probably spend most of your time at home, this is where you are at greatest risk.  

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While soil is the most common source of radon gas, it can also result from stone foundations, crushed stones, or numerous sources under the home.  When air pressure within the home is lower than the surrounding soil, air containing radon gas is pulled from below the foundation into the living space.  This occurs naturally as warm air rises upward, creating a vacuum in the lower levels of the home.  As air is circulated throughout the home, due to heating, cooling, and activities, radon is introduced into the entire indoor environment.

Radon gas infiltrates the home through:

  • Cracks in flooring
  • Construction joints
  • Spaces around service pipes
  • Gaps in suspended floors
  • Cracks in walls
  • Open spaces inside walls
  • Household water supply

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Family owned and operated, Radon Technology & Environmental recognizes the importance of safe, sustainable solutions to elevated radon levels.  Have complete confidence that we protect your best interests and achieve your total satisfaction with swift, honest, and quality radon abatement service.  Our highly trained technicians treat your home and property with the respect you deserve, leaving behind no mess, damage, or debris.  All work is handled on time, on budget, and with the highest level of professionalism.  There are never hidden costs, unpleasant surprises, or lengthy delays.  We’ll work with you to answer your concerns and exceed your expectations, installing an effective system and reducing radon gas levels in your home by up to 99%.  Even the most difficult challenge will be answered with mitigation methods that let you breathe easier.  System results are guaranteed. Contact Radon Technology & Environmental, and we’ll set your mind at ease.

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